Your address and Texas homeowners insurance

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Where you live can affect how much you pay for homeowners insurance. Homeowners who live close to the Gulf or in areas prone to tornadoes usually pay more for homeowners coverage. To find affordable coverage you should compare quotes and rates and look for discounts on your homeowners insurance, or just head over to

Home coverage in Texas is unique from other states. Instead of the HO-3, HO-8, or HO-1 policies, Texas offers HO-A, HO-B, and HO-C coverage. HO-A is the most affordable, while HO-B is more comprehensive and HO-C is for high end homes that offer extensive coverage and an equally extensive rate.

People who live in any of the fourteen coastal counties or in parts of Harris County on Galveston Bay may need additional windstorm and hail damage coverage in addition to regular homeowners insurance. You also need to purchase coverage before a potential storm is in the area. Once a hurricane is predicted to enter the Gulf of Mexico you may not be able to buy this type of insurance.

Texas is also known for violent tornadoes that can destroy homes and entire towns. According to the Texas Almanac 132 tornadoes touch down in Texas each year. The Red River Valley of North Texas is the most frequent area affected by these storms. Insuring your home against the potential danger of tornadoes is important so you can rebuild and replace your home and furnishing quickly. Getting life back to normal after a weather disaster is vital for you and your family.

Homeowners may also pay more for homeowners insurance if they live in cities with a high crime rate. Cities in West Texas like Odessa and Lubbock are the top two cities for crime according to the FBI. Homes in these areas may be more likely to be vandalized or broken into. Ensuring you have homeowners insurance that covers theft is essential. You should also consider making sure you have an accurate inventory of items in your home. Many people take pictures or video to document the condition of their items.

Texas also offers discounts to make homeowners insurance more affordable. If you haven’t made any claims for several years or if you raise your credit score, you can save money. You may also qualify for additional discounts if you are age 55 or older and if you install safety equipment. Simply installing smoke detectors or alarm systems could save you hundreds of dollars each year. Making improvements on your home can also affect your homeowners insurance. If you update the plumbing and electrical in your historical Texas home you could qualify for a discount.

Homeowners insurance if an important part of owning a home in Texas. Although you probably do not want to move to another location to save money on homeowners coverage, you can look for discounts to make the insurance more affordable. Make sure you pay your bills on time, update vital structures, and if you live in the city install appropriate security devices.

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